About Billericay East

The Billericay East Ward on Basildon Borough Council falls within the Basildon & Billericay parliamentary constituency, of which John Baron has been the Member of Parliament since its creation in 2010 (having previously been MP for the old Billericay constituency since 2001), and lies within the Billericay & Burstead Division of Essex County Council.

Billericay East is comprised of four polling districts: Chantry, Norsey, St Mary’s and Sunnymede. Prominent features of Billericay East include Norsey Wood, Billericay High Street, and the northern half of Mill Meadows.


Billericay is an ancient town. There are burial mounds in Norsey Wood dating back to the Bronze and Iron Ages. Billericay was a popular resting point for pilgrims journeying to Canterbury in the XIII & XIV-Centuries, which probably accounts for the great preponderance of old pubs we still have in our high street! On June 28th, 1381, the Battle of Billericay was fought, probably in Norsey Wood, in which approximately five hundred Essexmen were slaughtered for taking up arms against King Richard II in the Peasants' Revolt. Probably the most significant historical event to have taken place in Billericay East, however, was the meeting of the Pilgrim Fathers that took place in the old Chantry House (now an Indian restaurant) in Billericay High Street, prior to sailing to the New World aboard the Mayflower in 1620.

The railway arrived in 1889 and runs through the ward (though the station itself is in Billericay West) and the town remains to this day a part of the London commuter belt, on the Shenfield-Southend route of the Great Eastern Main Line, with Liverpool Street as its London terminus. My own grandmother (as a six-year-old girl) witnessed the German Zeppelin airship that was shot down over Billericay in 1916, during the Great War, narrowly missing the High Street and crashing into a field off Greens Farm Lane at the southern boundary of my ward. Bits of the wreckage are on display to this day in the Cater Museum (also in my ward). 

Billericay is close to two primary routes: the A12 to the north and the A127 in the south. The A176 provides a road link to Basildon to the south of Billericay, as well as to the A127. The only secondary road in the town, the B1007, passes from just south of the High Street as Laindon Road meets the A129 at Sun Corner and then continues northwards up the High Street and then Stock Road. It continues north to the county town of Chelmsford. Billericay is also a destination on the A129, linking it to the neighboring towns of Brentwood and Wickford.

I love representing Billericay East, in the town where I grew up and where my family have lived now for six generations. It is a beautiful town full of kind, friendly, community-spirited people. It is a fantastic place to live and I am proud to serve the residents as their representative on Basildon Council.

Of course, I do not work alone and, in addition to my two Basildon ward colleagues, am fortunate to be supported by fellow Conservatives representing Billericay East at every single level of government, from Parliament to the parish council.




Billericay East has been represented in Parliament as part of the Basildon & Billericay parliamentary constituency since 2010. There are 650 members of Parliament, each representing a constituency in the House of Commons. Under the Dissolution and Calling of Parliaments Act (2022), parliament is dissolved at the discretion of the Queen under the Royal Prerogative but is dissolved automatically if five years have elapsed since the last General Election.

Member of Parliament for Basildon & Billericay

Mr. John Baron, M.P.

Tel: 01268 520765 | E-mail: baronj@parliament.uk 

or write to The House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, or
Suites 2 & 3, Bowden Terminal, Luckyn Lane, Basildon, SS14 3AX

Web: www.johnbaron.co.uk 



Billericay East is represented on Essex County Council (est. 1889) as part of the Billericay & Burstead Division. The County Council is responsible for services like highways, libraries and archives, education, health and transport and births, deaths and marriage registration. It has 75 councillors across seventy electoral divisions, elected every four years (two of whom represent our division). 

County Councillors for the Billericay & Bustead Division (2 members):

1) Cllr. Anthony Hedley

Tel: 01277 626198 | E-mail: cllr.anthony.hedley@essex.gov.uk

FB: https://www.facebook.com/anthony.hedley.148

2) Cllr. Dr. Richard Moore

Tel: 01277 627266 | E-mail: cllr.richard.moore@essex.gov.uk

or write to County Hall, Market Road, Chelmsford, CM1 1QH



Billericay East is represented on Basildon Borough Council (est. 1974), which is the local authority responsible for services like planning, waste and recycling, leisure services, community halls, housing and street scene. It has 42 councillors elected across sixteen electoral wards for four-year terms. The council is elected by thirds, meaning that elections are held three out of every four years, electing one councillor each year.

Borough Councillors for Billericay East Ward (3 members):

1) Cllr. David Dadds, J.P.

Tel: 01277 829808 | E-mail: david.dadds@members.basildon.gov.uk

FB: https://www.facebook.com/mayordadds.basildonborough | Twitter: @DaddsCouncillor

2) Cllr. Andrew Schrader

Tel: 07769 651708 | E-mail: andrew.schrader@members.basildon.gov.uk

FB: https://www.facebook.com/CllrAndrewSchrader Twitter: @APSchrader

3) Cllr. Stuart Sullivan

Tel: 01268 560477 | E-mail: stuart.sullivan@members.basildon.gov.uk

or write to The Basildon Centre, St. Martin's Square, Basildon, SS14 1DL



Billericay East is represented on Billericay Town Council (est. 1996), which is one of the largest parish councils in England (and one of only two in the Borough so big that it is warded). The Town Council has 20 members across three electoral wards (East, West and South-West), elected every four years. The Town Council has limited powers and functions and, although it provides no services, it does undertake projects that improve the quality of life in the town, such as the hanging baskets in the High Street and the annual Christmas lights. The East Ward boundaries are the same as the borough ward. There are eight town councillors representing the East Ward, three of whom are Conservatives.

Conservative Town Councillors for the East Ward

Cllr. Jo Clark

Tel: 01277 659842 | E-mail: jo.clark@billericaytowncouncil.gov.uk

Cllr. Martyn Mordecai

Tel: 01277 659717 | E-mail: martyn.mordecai@billericaytowncouncil.gov.uk 

Cllr. Jim Tutton

Tel: 01277 655443 | E-mail: jim.tutton@billericaytowncouncil.gov.uk 

or write to The Chantry Centre, Chantry Way, Billericay, CM11 2AP




Billericay East falls under the Billericay East Branch of the Basildon & Billericay Conservative Association, the local organisation of the Conservative and Unionist Party serving the Basildon & Billericay parliamentary constituency. The Association is composed of local Conservative Party members and is a campaigning organisation, as well as a social club for like-minded Conservatives, supporting local elected Conservative councillors and our Conservative Member of Parliament. If you are interested in joining the Conservative Party, please use the contact details below or click here.

Assoc. Chairman: Mr. Andy Barnes

Deputy Chairman (Political): Cllr. Kevin Wingfield

Deputy Chairman (Membership): Cllr. Jim Devlin

Hon. Treasurer: Mrs Piera Pisanis

Hon. Secretary: Cllr. Terri Sargent

Assoc. President: Cllr. David Dadds, J.P.

Billericay East Branch Chairman: Mrs Stephanie Hedley-Barnes

Branch D.C. (Political) & Branch Secretary: Cllr. Andrew Schrader

Branch D.C. (Membership & Finance) & Hon. Branch Treasurer: Cllr. Stuart Sullivan

E-mail: billericayca@gmail.com

FB: www.facebook.com/BasConservatives | Twitter: @BasildonTories

or write to Basildon & Billericay Conservative Association, c/o Crescent House, 51 High Street, Billericay, Essex, CM12 9AX.